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Kerkau UV Sterilization Cabinets

Updated: Jan 12

Ultraviolet sterilization cabinets from Kerkau Manufacturing easily sterilize eyewear and headsets without messy dripping or drying. Available in three sizes.

Independent testing has concluded that the ultraviolet sanitation process used in these cabinets is lethal to virtually 100% of microorganisms, helping your facility prevent the spread of viruses, bacteria and mold spores on shared equipment.

Features & Benefits:

  • 15-minute timer for controlled sterilization

  • Safety door switches and key locks

  • Sight glass

  • Heavy-gauge steel construction (stainless steel optional)

  • Long-life ultraviolet bulbs lasting 8,000 operating hours

  • Made in the USA

Buy online from our PPE store!

Flyer - Kerkau UV Cabinets
Download PDF • 472KB
Specs & Operation - Kerkau UV Cabinets
Download P • 2.41MB

Model K-50 Sterilization Cabinet
Model K-50
Model H-75 Sterilization Cabinet
Model H-75
Model F-100 Sterilization Cabinet
Model F-100


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