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Laboratory Products

Below is a sampling of some of the common laboratory products we sell, including many kinds of laboratory balances. This is by no means an exhaustive list. Click here to browse our manufacturers' catalogs.

Ask about our A2LA-accredited calibration services to keep your laboratory equipment functioning properly!


Micro Balances & Ultra-Micro Balances

Semi-micro balances

Semi-Micro Balances

Analytical balances

Analytical Balances

Toploader balances

Precision Toploader Balances

High capacity balances

High Capacity Precision Balances

Moisture balances and moisture analyzers

Moisture Balances & Analyzers

Mass Comparators

Mass Comparators

Portable balances

Portable Balances & Pocket Balances

Mechanical balances

Mechanical Balances

Calibration weights

Calibration Weights & Accessories

Bottletop Dispenser Liquid Handling

Bottletop Titrators & Dispensers

Mechanical and electronic pipettes

Mechanical and Electronic Pipettes (Single & Multi-Channel)

Static control products

Static Control Products



In-use covers

In-Use Protective Covers


Standard and Custom Draftshields

Balance table for vibration control

Balance Tables, Balance Slabs, & Vibration Control Products

Weighing accessories

Weighing Dishes, Boats, Pans & Paper, Moisture Pans & Pads.

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